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[_] Analytics and purchase path goal conversion

Joel Hughes jh at
Thu May 31 11:14:53 BST 2007

> Had the same issue the other day - this should explain how to do it.

yeah, I've got the URL Dan but I'm bit confused.

Normally I have my Google code included at the bottom of the page, 
before </BODY>

So all I need to do is modify the Google code so that, depending on 
which purhcase path 'phase' it is in, change "urchinTracker()" (which is 
what it normally is) to something unique (e.g. 


It's just the way they were describing it was a bit wierd, about using 
onload events and what not. SOunded to me like they were making two 
urchinTracker calls which, again, sounded a bit odd