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[_] Mark Chitty and his continuing influence in perl and myspace discussions

Tom Gidden tom at
Wed May 30 10:33:23 BST 2007

On 30 May 2007, at 08:14, Aaron Trevena wrote:

> [snip]

Dogmatic allegiance to Perl or any other platform just comes across  
as Newbie Theatre to be honest, Aaron.  While I don't want to  
disparage your experience or expertise, and certainly not get into a  
pissing match, your attitude on this point always comes across  
exactly the same as those Microsoft blowhards who act like only  
things designed and written in Redmond are worth their time.  They're  
experienced too, but their blinkered attitude is why all their  
systems tend to suck so much.

All languages have their own virtues, but all languages also  
fundamentally suck in one way or another.


PS. Yes, I did have a much longer post drafted, but then finally  
realised that all this has been said before in an almost identical  
[_] discussion with you, Aaron.

Tom Gidden