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Thayer Driver Thayer at
Tue May 29 17:58:21 BST 2007

Hiya Simon,

Ben Butterfield on this list would be a great place to start, he's a
recruitment consultant at Elan IT and has worked with some of my mates
doing tech consulting in Brizzles: ben.butterfield at

There's also Team Rubber down that way who I'm sure would be interested
in hearing from you: 
hannah.smith at 
Tel: 0117 9031104

Fishtank also recruit down that way, but I've never used them - - they seem to post similar jobs to what you're
after though.

We (Chinwag Jobs) sometimes have Bristol jobs, but right now only 3  - - you can set up an email
alert or RSS feed for Bristol based jobs though if you're interesed:

Good luck,

Thayer @ Chinwag
Commercial Director
Thayer Driver e: thayer at
Dean Street, London
t: 0870 730 7313 f: 0870 730 7312
Chinwag Jobs - work in new media :)

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> ok so im looking to get 2-3 days part time work doing web 
> based design stuff you know html, css, php, flash ideally 
> bristol based but a short commute would be acceptable
> can anyone recommend any good job sites / agencies
> simon
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