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[_] Web Project for Gloucester company (Mark Chitty)

Tom Gidden tom at
Tue May 29 11:37:10 BST 2007

On 29 May 2007, at 11:20, Richard Davey wrote:
> It's only 'yesterday' if there is something better to use instead, and
> more importantly, if all of their friends have moved to it as well.

Exactly... as I understand it (see my previous-1 post), this might  
already be happening.

Something that occurred to me: hasn't the same kind of exodus  
happened to ICQ?  Not just to MSN etc., but things like Skype as  
well.  ICQ was the daddy for quite some time, but now not so much.   
The reason I bring this up is that I think an IM like ICQ has even  
more user lock-in than Myspace, AND the immediate replacements (MSN,  
Yahoo, AIM) weren't *significantly* better than the original, yet it  
still happened.

I've got absolutely no figures or evidence to back that up, but I  
think I'm right.

It's interesting to see the progression from things like BBSes,  
through MUDs and Mono(chrome), ICQ, IRC, MySpace, Facebook, etc. for  
presence and communication.  It seems like just yesterday that I'd  
telnet into to see if anyone was in B19 and worth me  
plodding over from Goldney.

Re: Bebo.  Yeah, I hadn't really heard of it until I noticed that  
some kid had usurped me on a Google Ego-Search.  That's when I  
started trying to boost my PageRank.  I'm not having some illiterate  
teenager ruin my (our) good name.  I'll do that myself, thank you  
very much :)


Tom Gidden