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Richard Davey rich at
Fri May 25 10:48:12 BST 2007

Hi Tom,

Friday, May 25, 2007, 10:27:27 AM, you wrote:

> I'd usually agree with you on this matter, except for Myspace.  I
> have an allergy to Myspace.

> The backgrounds. The music. The grammar. It's the Geocities of the  
> new millennium.

On a slight tangent to this, I read an absolutely fascinating article
( linked to from Kathy
Sierras blog about social sites and the language of culture. While a
large number of people reading [_] will cringe at the sight of things
like: "suP WIt IT pLAY bOI?" the following part of the article sums it
up nicely:

"It's easy to express horror and indignation at this writing style if
you're not a part of the relevant social group, but that is a
condescending position. What these teens are doing with language is
fascinating and important. They are repurposing written words to
express culture in the same way that people have always repurposed
spoken words for slang. Because teens spend more time online, they are
morphing written words for expressive communication. They are
personalizing words."

It goes on to talk about the problems the above presents to us, as
developers, and it is affecting our everyday coding practises (such as
trying to trap swear words in comments, non-allowed characters, etc)

Anyway, just thought I'd throw this in. If you don't want to read the
whole transcript, just scroll down to the part titled 'LANGUAGE'. The
original blog entry (which is equally as fascinating) is here:


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