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[_] Web Project for Gloucester company

Dan Course dancourse at
Wed May 23 14:23:54 BST 2007

Hi [_],

Here's a possible piece of work from a company in Gloucester who need
themselves electronicly updating! It's my friend so treat her nice, also
I've yet to educate her in Web shizzle.

Below is what she sent to me and she just wants links so she can see who to
set up meetings with. I believe there is also a backend for customers to
check up on reports etc...

Please contact her off list,

---- FROM Julia Chesney <julia.chesney at>  ----

My company is in essence an investigation company, but we specialise in the
insurance industry.

Our current website is very outdated and what I
am looking for is a company that can offer something special, not the usual

Some examples of websites that we consider special are,,

Now obviously we couldn't have these sites for our company but what we are
after is something that looks and feels different; but is easy to navigate,
slick and effective



dancourse at
07790 13 83 23