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[_] Dorkbot Bristol - tomorrow night at The Cube

Clare Reddington clare.reddington at
Mon May 21 11:24:16 BST 2007

Dorkbot at Cube Cinema, 22 May, 7.30pm
Entry free, though £1 lifetime cube membership will be charged to non-cube

Cube Cola Theory and Practice - Standing on the hands of Giants
Cube Bar managers Kayle Brandon and Kate Rich present Cube-Cola,
home-manufactured in Bristol from an open-source recipe. The subject of
national press interest, the process developed through home-lab
experimentation, merging domestic and scientific methodology. Richard Grove
explains the chemistry.

Why Shit Happens! - An introduction to the second law of thermodynamics
Steam engines, perpetual motion, entropy, flipping coins, dice. With live
demonstrations, Richard Grove demonstrates that shit happens because it is
by far the most probable outcome.

Computer Dried Fruit
Heath Bunting describes a novel use of computer technology in food

Hope to see you there....

Clare Reddington

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