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[_] escrow agents?

Alex Francis alex.francis at
Mon May 14 09:14:01 BST 2007

On 5/10/07, Jaya Chakrabarti <jayacg at> wrote:
> hey there Alex,
> The system sounds straightforward enough. The really hard part with
> software
> escrow of any flavour is how to ensure that the documentation is
> sufficient
> for third parties to use. The fear factor of being left high and dry with
> unsupportable source code is one of the main reasons why clients initially
> ask for escrow, but it's one of the hardest things to ensure without some
> level of human interaction/intervention...
> cheers,
> Jaya

... and one of the extra services NCC (and no doubt other suppliers) offer
is varying levels of inspection of the software product that has been
deposited. I think the basic version involves them checking that it
compiles, has some API documentation and appears to be complete and more or
less sensibly written (e.g. are the names of
class/modules/components/variables remotely human understandable). Then I
believe you can pay more and have a really in depth review of the quality of
what's been submitted.

Probably more worthwhile to organise a license that includes source code,
then you can just read it yourself and if it's inadequate, negotiate with
the supplier to improve it. Or better still, start with open source in the
first place!

Alex (another one)