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[_] OpenGL for mobile devices

adam armfield adamairmailed at
Tue May 1 10:52:35 BST 2007

I've got a brand new copy of OpenGL ES Game
Development for sale, (by Dave Astle and Dave Durnil,
(who work in the Gaming and Graphics group at

A book by two blokes called Dave, what more could you
ask for?

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. The EGL Interface
3. OpenGL ES
4. A Fixed-Point Math Primer
5. Developing OpenGL ES Games
6. Limitations of the Medium
7. Audio for Mobile Devices
8. 3D Game Engines for Mobile Devices
9. The Future
10. Mobile Business Model

£25 in Borders, £20.80 from Amazon, or just a tenner
from me!

I can post for oooh, about £3.50 extra, or you can
come & pick it up from my executive premises near the
triangle (not the Bermuda triangle though, the central
Bristol triangle, it's alright, your ships won't

If you'd like this, please email me off list.

all the best


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