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[_] ACLs on FreeBSD/Linux

Oliver Humpage oliver at
Fri Aug 31 15:06:38 BST 2007

on 31/8/07 13:51, Steve Roome at steve at wrote:

> I hope that works out, your first post made sense and to me should have worked
> so if you find the problem it would be great to know what it was.

The problem is Posix.1e, which says umasks should override ACL masks. Most
OSes chose not to follow this, but included a flag you can set to enable
posix-compatibility if you really want it. FreeBSD followed it, but AFAIK
with no flag to disable compatibility (although it was much talked about).

Setting the umask to 000 does indeed work... just that it's not the *nicest*
thing to do ;) But is it better or worse than, for instance, nfs-mounting
onto yourself and using the usermap feature? :)