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[_] Flash stats measurement

Jon Bennett jmbennett at
Thu Aug 23 11:17:41 BST 2007

> > SQLite is a lightweight embedded database which uses a single file
> > (rather than a client-server app).
> You could run your swf as an AIR app, which gives it built-in SQLite.

didn't know that, interesting...

wouldn't it be nice though to be able to get an overview of activity
on all installs remotely, so you can see what's going on everywhere
via the web, rather than checking stats individually onsite for each
install?  I would've thought some form of net connection would be
preferable (well, imho for 100 odd units a necessity!), so why not run
the entire flash app remotely? That way, you can upgrade each unit by
updating the SWF on the server, no need to go on site at all.

just my 2p



jon bennett
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