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[_] ftp agogo

Tom Gidden tom at
Mon Aug 13 16:21:39 BST 2007

On 13 Aug 2007, at 16:10, Tim Beadle wrote:
> Good plan; I don't have shell on my hosting accounts, though :(

Mmm... the lack of anything-but-FTP on GoDaddy was the main (almost  
sole) reason I left them in favour of Dreamhost (with scp, sftp,  
rsync, SVN, etc)... both fairly crappy but very cheap hosts.  Lack of  
anything-but-FTP would now be a deal-breaker for me, and that's just  
for my personal messing about.

Even when using GoDaddy, I used a Wordpress checkout locally and used  
an FTP mirror thing to upload it.  FTP's just too damn inefficient  
for multiple files, though.

If we're just talking literally one or two files with occasional  
upload, I'd just Cmd-K to in Finder, though (or  
actually just command-line it!)  Finder's Cmd-K is a rotten excuse  
for an FTP client, but good enough for that small scale work.   
Anything more than that should be done in a structured way with  
staging.  If it *really must* be FTP, then it should be a scripted  
and atomic mirroring procedure, rather than anything with a GUI.

Otherwise, it's just not doing it "right", and no professional should  
find that acceptable, IMHO.  Too easy to cock it up late on a work- 
night with looming deadline, otherwise.


Tom Gidden