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[_] attention crackberry users...

Mat Walker lists at
Tue Aug 7 10:26:12 BST 2007

On 7/8/07 10:18, "Clive Hunt" <clive.hunt at> wrote:

> I have a m3100 and have created a contact in my exchange server that
> forwards all email to a blueyonder address that can then be picked up by
> either myself at home or on my m3100.  This works well.  Though again the
> m3100 checks for email every 20 minutes rather than having the email pushed
> to the device.

I switched on the IMAP service in Exchange and hooked the Blackberrys up to

> I thought you could get a 5 user BES software for free from the website
> these days.

That's what I thought. Apparently though you need to shell out £2,500 for
the server software and then you can get 5 free BES CAL's.