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Rick Edwards rick.edwards at
Thu Aug 2 11:38:14 BST 2007

On 02/08/07, Stefan Goodchild <stefan.goodchild at> wrote:
> >
> > it really works - everyone can be a deejay now.
> Everyone could have been a DJ before this surely?
> Clever tech though..

Didn't see the show but judging from the website it'll only mix tracks
that lend themselves to simple mixing anyway (i.e. highly distinctive
repetitive beat patterns), isn't this just simple Fourier Analysis and
the application of a transform to a waveform to get a matching beat
pattern (ok, so I couldn't write it but I have a feeling the maths
ain't that hard)?

Any mathmatically minded DJ's out there in [_] land?

There's a shed load of programs out there that do this kind of thing
already isn't there? Maybe they're not automated. I know of at least
one that'll allow you to mix up to 8 mp3's at any one time in real
time (and it wires into a dancing robot projection!).

rick (not Rick)

disclaimer: I'm a dj'ing ludite, I'm sure it's all terribly clever.