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[_] database design

Alex Stanhope listalex at
Thu Nov 30 14:16:44 GMT 2006

> Should existing fields such as 'industry_type' (financial, marketing,
> development, etc.)

Depends on whether they're closed miniworld or open miniworld (likely to get 
more values).  Generally I assume something like 'industry_type' would be 
open, so I'd recommend a single ENUM *unless* it can be multivalued: e.g. = 
financial and marketing, development and financial.  If it is multivalued, 
yes it'll need to be a separate relation with a foreign key import.

> even 'title' (Mr., Mrs, etc.) should that be in a separate db ?

'title' is definitely not multivalued (a single entity/tuple can't be Miss 
and Mr), so safe to ENUM.

> if so, then litterally tonnes of the flat fields can turn into new related
> dbs.
> Thanks for a thumbs up or down....
> Karl

Relational databases thumbs up - at least until we all go 'object'
Cheers, Alex