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Matt Hamilton matth at
Thu Nov 23 09:51:08 GMT 2006

On 23 Nov 2006, at 09:36, Tom Widd wrote:

> I have a Pure Evoke 1 and its great. Got it as new on ebay for a lot
> less than the shops. I've noticed scrolling text on a blue LCD screen
> isn't great so I'd say try and get one with a standard grey LCD.

OK, speaking of all this DAB malarky.... am I the only one that finds  
it very strange that this new transmission method comes out (which I  
presume to be higher quality than FM) and the market leader is a mono  
unit?  What's that all about?

Also, anyone here got a DAB head unit in their car?  What is the  
coverage like?  Do you get coverage in all the places you get FM? Or  
is it a bit like 3G where you are mainly likely to get it in big  
urban areas?  And do DAB car head units normally support regular FM  
as well?


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