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[_] Intel macs, time to switch?

Jon Bennett jmbennett at
Wed Nov 22 11:54:40 GMT 2006


I need to get an intel mac of some sort, so I can test in *cough* IE7.

Currently I have 2 macs:

dual 2 ghz g5, 1.5gb ram
powerbook g4 1.5ghz 1gb ram

I'm thinking of getting a Macbook Pro to replace the powerbook, as a
friend is interested in taking it off my hands, but I'm now wondering
if I really need 2 macs at all, when perhaps all I need is a new MBP,
which I can plug into my monitor and keybaord in my studio/office.

So, how does the performance of a 2.16 core duo MBP compare to a dual
g5 (native apps, not Rosetta)? Would it make sense to flog everything
whilst they still have some value, or should I hang on to the G5
(seeing as I'd not get that much for it, and I foolishly bought a rev1
top of the line for 2.5K when they first came out!)

I'm generally coding nowadays, though do use Flash. I'll also be using
Photoshop/Illustrator etc, which I do find both a bit sluggish on my
PB, fine on my G5.


ps: would anyone be interested in a G5?

jon bennett
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