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[_] ISDN30 vs ISDN2

Matt Hamilton matth at
Mon Nov 20 20:38:49 GMT 2006

On 20 Nov 2006, at 15:26, Stewart Smith wrote:

> I'd be hoping for on average half the team to be on the phone,
> therefore 10
> lines going at any one time.

In which case ISDN 30 is probably what you want. I seem to remember
looking a few years back when we put ours in (about 2000) and I seem
to remember ISDN30 became cheaper than ISDN2 after about 8-10 lines

> VoIP - I like the idea but have heard lots of bad examples (background
> noise, delays etc) and scare stories so I'm just not too keen at this
> time!!!

Yeah, we kept out ISDN2e line when we moved to our new PBX (asterisk)
so do VoIP within the building, and then ISDN to the outside world.
Gives us best of both I think.


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