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[_] colour laser printers?

Laura Griffiths laura.griffiths at
Wed Nov 15 16:51:46 GMT 2006

On 11/15/06, Tom Gidden <tom at> wrote:

> Mmm.. the other thing is that IIRC, Phasers are cheaper to run than
> lasers.. averaging about 8p/sheet -v- 20p/sheet with the same
> coverage. You can get third-party crayons that are about half the
> price and have very similar (although not identical) results.
> I'm not sure about heat... the solid ink is really just like a
> crayon. In fact, you can draw crayony pictures with the blocks, and
> they smell like normal crayons. It does get hot enough to melt the
> wax. I'm not sure if it uses a fuser as well, so I don't know if
> cheques would be an issue.

I hate those wax printers, I used to have to sit next to one and it
made me feel sick all the time, they smell really strong. I also didnt
like the feel of the paper when it had finished printing. My favourite
ever printer was a Minolta QMS magicolor which are very reasonable, do
duplexing and networking dont use shed loads of ink and do have
pantone color matching thingy on them.

For example,4149,34121,00.asp

This one is what I had