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[_] Macros in Outlook

Stewart Smith stewart.smith at
Tue Nov 7 10:51:37 GMT 2006

Morning All

I'd like to set up a couple of macros in Outlook to make dealing with junk
mail a little bit easier.
1) Hot key - I'd like to assign a "button press" to junking emails, at the
moment it takes 3 clicks (1 right, 2 left) and whilst this isn't too time
consuming to do once I am coming in to 20-30 junk mails every morning and
I'm developing RSI!!! - I'd prefer it if I could just press Shift +
2) Mass junking - I'd like to be able to highlight multiple emails and then
junk them on mass

The question is how do I go about setting this up? I keeping accidentally
going into a Visual Basic editor screen which I have no idea how to use, can
anyone point me in the right direction?