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[_] Eclipse the best java ide?

Rick Edwards rick.edwards at
Wed Nov 1 12:10:08 GMT 2006

On 01/11/06, Aaron Trevena <aaron.trevena at> wrote:

> On 30/10/06, Rick Edwards <rick.edwards at> wrote:
> > Have to say though the Perl plugin for eclipse wasn't so hot,
> > especially when dealing with a 3000 line CGI scipt, would regularly
> > grind to a halt, which reminds me, Eclipse has a pretty big memory
> > footprint!
> ActiveState Komodo is designed more with dynamic languages like perl
> in mind and might be worth looking at if you don't like emacs.
> More importantly... 3000 line CGI script?

Don't ask.

Though that might have been a little exageration on my part ;-)

Still, the EPIC Perl plugin we were using at the time really suffered
with large files, we never found a way to turn off the validator which
eventually would grind to a halt.

rick (not Rick)