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[_] Bristol Wireless on the telly

Peter Ferne petef at
Thu Mar 2 14:57:13 GMT 2006

> Fantastic work Pete!

Well they rang us actually, I just waxed enthusiastic on the phone
and said yes of course we can take you up on a roof top to film us
mucking about with aerials. :-)

> Has this already happened or is there any chance of placing a
> deliberately
> made up techie term in the middle of the interview? Macromedia
> Sponge was a

Ahhh, too late. Great idea though... "The main difficulty we have is
that sometimes, even with a good line of sight, we just can't get
enough bounce in the microwaves and they come out rather flat at the
other end..."

I missed hearing about MM Sponge altogether. ;-(