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[_] Sourcesafe?

Tim Beadle tim.beadle at
Mon Mar 21 15:53:15 GMT 2005

On Mon, 21 Mar 2005 15:33:16 +0000, Jon Hadley <jon.hadley at> wrote:

> Does anyone know or use a source tracking appication for web development code?

Does anyone still *not* use version control?

We use CVS. Most people seem to be moving to Subversion these days,
though, as CVS has been likened to an old nag that should be put to
rest ;)

> From the little I've looked at it, SourceSafe looks great, if we were
> using Visual Studio. Which we're not ;o)

I had to use that when I was at CompuServe. I seem to remember it
being OK, but I've heard more negative than positive about it since
then, possibly because it's a Microsoft product. If you're an all-MS
shop, then VSS is probably your best bet though.