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[_] CD_ROM made with flash - any hints and tips please

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Fri Mar 18 10:22:32 GMT 2005

On 18 Mar 2005, at 10:12, Brown, Nick wrote:

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>> Hi Juan,
>> The last time I did a CD rom with Flash video was for Flash 6, and
>> then
>> a big problem was that Flash didn't stream the video from local disk -
>> it would pause until it had loaded the SWF into memory. This is
>> different from how it behaves when loading via http. In order to get
>> around this we had to host the Flash shell in a Director projector.
> I'll second this. If you really have to deliver on CD then Director is
> by far the better solution.

In terms of bang for buck and hassle, when it comes to video on CD-ROM
we use MPEG-1, it's easily the most reliable solution. You can play it
via Director, or you can go the cheap route and not bother - just load
it from the filesystem...depends how shiny the CD needs to be for the

Flash/Squeeze Video is great for web projects.