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[_] Friday Fun - New Will Wright game - Spore

Peter Ferne subs at
Fri Mar 11 21:20:42 GMT 2005

I've just seen a presentation by Will Wright at the Game Developers
Conference about a new game called Spore which is the most awe
inspiring genre blending simulation game. Unbelievably I don't have a
camera with me, so no pictures, and no release date. He also said he
couldn't talk anymore about it until E3, so maybe we'll get a date

He did mention that he'd sent a one page sketch, which was effectively
the first concept doc for the game, into Wired for a piece they were
running on Living Machines for the Feb '04 issue. So if anybody has a
copy of that issue and cares
to scan in the relevant page and stick it up somewhere (or mail it to
me and I will) I'd be very grateful and certainly buy you a pint or two
next time I see you.


P.S. many thanks to those who responsed to my VB request off list, I
will get back to you soon.