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[_] Blinksale for your invoices

Giles Turnbull giles at
Wed Jul 27 19:55:00 BST 2005

On 27 Jul 2005, at 17:19, Tim Beadle wrote:

> - "the easiest way to send invoices online"
> All you small-cos and freelancers take a look-see :)

If only I could rely on my clients to be as switched on.

I'd like to use such a service, but have found that clients can be
very fussy about invoices. Several companies I write for insist that
invoices are sent on paper, in the post. Another likes to work with
plain text invoices, using a very particular layout, submitted by
email. Almost all of them, of course, cheerfully ignore the "Please
pay this invoice within 28 days" bit at the bottom, but let's leave
that for another thread.

Money, eh? Hey hum.