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[_] HTML Emails creating in Outlook 2002

Oliver Humpage oliver at
Thu Jul 21 09:44:03 BST 2005

On 21/7/05 9:32 am, "Chris Kaminski" <chris at> wrote:

> Note that widths, margins, etc. will be a bit cockeyed in this view. That's
> fine. Just do a test send to yourself and see what it looks like after its
> been sent. Usually, the oddness is related to Outlook's 'edit' mode and
> disappears in the final, sent email.
> *cue HTML-email-is-evil flamefest*

Yup it is, but even we've started sending out (basic) HTML emails on our
lists now. From that experience, I'd recommend that you send a test to a
Hotmail account, and possibly gmail or Yahoo as well (assuming anyone on
your list is @hotmail). They all seem to have subtly different ways of

Creating HTML for mail readers is even more frustrating and horrible than
for web browsers... so keep your formatting as simple as possible for
maximum compatibility.


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