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[_] This country is insane

Richard Price richardprice at
Wed Jul 20 12:57:21 BST 2005

Even tho I am only 25, I have noticed something in the 16 year olds I
have had chance to talk to recently - a lot of them have an
expectation of entitlement, or rather 'the world owes them a living'.

If you dont teach failure first, and the consequences of failure, you
cant encourage children to put in the work needed to succeed in the
great wide world.


On 7/20/05, Tim Beadle <tim.beadle at> wrote:

> On 7/20/05, Richard Davey <rich at> wrote:
> > The concept of 'banning' words
> > such as "failure" is a well proven one, as anyone who has studied /
> > trained in High Scope techniques for toddler and pre-school will know.
> Ah yes - no child is "naughty" any more. Might I suggest that the
> pervasive policy of "empowering" and "enfranchising" kids is part of
> the problem, not the solution?
> Tim
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