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[_] Archiving Paper Records

Peter Coombs peter at
Wed Jul 13 15:23:17 BST 2005

On 13 Jul 2005, at 10:37, Jim Fanning wrote:

> I've got several rooms full of paper records that I need to get
> scanned and stored as PDFs.
> These PDFs will be mainly correspondence and scans of legal documents
> (with signatures).
> Does anyone know of an archiving system (perhaps OCR based) that will
> automatically index and name these documents so that I can retrieve
> them by name search?
> Many thanks for any ideas here


Depending on how big a solution you need Konica Minolta have an
excellent document archiving system which I saw a demo of a few months
ago. Talk to Julian Lewis, he is the regional director. 01454 619999
julian.lewis at

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