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Oliver Humpage oliver at
Tue Jul 12 17:21:58 BST 2005

on 12/7/05 4:53 pm, Stefan at stefanburt at wrote:

> I would go for flash as it the best option without having to spend a
> small fortune on a secure streaming server, unless its amazingly
> sensitive content then you might need to have to look at opening your
> wallet way wide.

Our QT streaming server cost under a grand for a good bit of 1U kit (raid,
good CPU, etc, from Sight Systems), and the colo in Manchester is under 30
quid / month for a 10Mb connection and 100GB/month transfer. Not only can we
host loads of streaming stuff (cf MINUS meeting, dugout, etc) but we can put
high-demand files up there too (e.g. Depict movies), freeing up BMEX...

Oh, FreeBSD & Darwin Streaming Server: free of course, decently secure, and
only about a day to set up.

I know £900-odd is a bit pricey, but after the capital cost it's really
quite fun having a decently high bandwidth server that's all yours for about
the same as a business broadband connection :)

I think I've said all this before, actually, so I'll shut up now.


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