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[_] Silly, silly, me...

Peter Marshall peter at
Fri Jul 1 10:02:00 BST 2005

Got a dozen or so emails yesterday from a company called Chaffeurlink
(based in Bath) telling me that they had moved office - got a bit tee'd
off and so did a 'reply to all' message saying something along the lines
of 'hey look, chaffeurlink have gone into the spamming business'.

Unfortunately this message was picked up by the same spoofing service
and resent about 100 times (so far) from a variety of IP addresses but
with my email addy as the return path. So not only have I had some
abusive emails and phone calls, but I have had something like a few
thousand bounce backs from all the addresses on the list that were
invalid/out of office etc.

So, apologies to anyone if they've suffered at my hands - and, kids, if
you're tempted to be a smart arse - don't!

Hey ho.

Peter Marshall

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