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[_] Contracter Available

David Elliott the1gadget at
Thu Jan 27 13:48:01 GMT 2005

Hi All

Just to say that I am available for a contract or two.

It can be fun going for contracts. In the past week I have been told
the following about my application.

1) Your demo sites don't look very good.
Interesting on that "I don't do design", I do functionally that has
been asked for.

2) You don't have enough experience in ASP/PHP.
I have been doing dynamic websites for the past 5 years.

3) You don't have any Java script experience.
Humm I think that writing 2 different Java script shopping baskets
plus a load of form validation might have counted. (most validation
will happen on the server)

4) I can not see what you can do with this web site.
I sent full instructions as to what to do I tracked that user he went
to the home page and ignored my instructions.

5) This is a simple site. I can see nothing good here.
This one I liked.
a) Multi currency
b) World wide delivery options.
c) Different rules for different products i.e. not to be sold in some countries.
d) delivery from different offices giving different delivery charges.

6) I have to much experience and will loose interest.
err sorry it was a 4 to 6 week contract.

So has any one got any work out there.

Business analysis
System design
Instillation of Servers (Not good at Unix), LAN's,WAN's,Cisco
PHP / MySQL development / bug fix / support
ASP / MSSQL development / bug fix / support