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Oliver Humpage oliver at
Wed Jan 26 21:39:47 GMT 2005

On 26/1/05 9:22 pm, "Richard Davey" <rich at> wrote:

> Some Wed/Thur fun for you all. I'm still not sure if this was an
> actual episode broadcast, or a cleverly sound edited production -
> either way it's shockingly hilarious!

I believe that each year programmes would make "fake" episodes to be shown
at the Christmas party. So this is real, but never broadcast.

Thinking of dodgy children's programmes, The Clangers used to have a an
actual written script that the sound people would then act out on swannee
whistles. So officious were the censors, they refused to let the script
through that said "The bloody door won't open", even though there was no way
anyone would ever work out that's what it said. Ho-hum :)


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