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[_] Spamday fun

Rick Edwards rick at
Fri Jan 14 12:34:57 GMT 2005

Kinda implies Spam is in fact dead horse. Not quite the impression the
marketeers were looking for I'm sure.

rick (not Rick)

(in best Homer voice) Hmmmm reconstituted dead horse

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> Ummm... am I really behind the times, or is this particular horror new
> to anyone? Just saw it on telly last night.
> I think the line "Spam up, when you could eat a horse" is particularly
> ill-judged.

Id be particularly interested in finding out WHY you think its ill judged.
The phrase 'I could eat a horse' is an age old idiom (is that the right
word) and i see nothing wrong, evil, sick or ill judged about it. Its a
turn of phrase.


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