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RE: [_] Websites between £100,00 and £300,000

Rick Edwards rick at
Wed Jan 12 14:20:15 GMT 2005

LOL, certainly didn't make a profit !

Think you'de be hard pushed to find a non-profit making organisation with
that kind of budget to spend but hey what do I know. The actual design and
build of the front end of a site is probably the smallest percentage, it's
when you get into a full on CMS with initial data/content migration and
integration with third party software, etc, the price starts to go up.
Bespoke back end and database shenanigans are usually expensive and you're
100k would be spread over several years regarding licensing, updates and
tech support, etc, I would have thought.

rick (not Rick)

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On Wed, 12 Jan 2005 13:06:05 +0000, Ben Edwards <funkytwig at> wrote:

> Anyone know of any websites in this budget range, specificaly but not
> nesseserily non-profit orgs. Looking for ones where people know what
> the budget is, not ones where people think this was probably the
> budget.

er - ?

mac jordan

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