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[_] Freelance web developers required

James Guest james.guest at
Tue Jan 4 13:42:26 GMT 2005

> See I always thought feature creep was what causes most projects to
> deliver over budget, under spec, with missed deadlines and very stressed
> developers

Correct, and that was often the experience of the directors of Featurecreep
when they were employees of other companies, therefore we set out to do
something different...

We believe that for a business to be in a position to quickly offer new
products and services using the web and take advantage of shifting market
trends, the ability to add new features to an existing website is essential,
but must happen in the right way.

The content management software developed by Featurecreep is designed to be
flexible enough to enable rapid change and new functionality, while still
offering stability and efficientcy.

Featurecreep build websites that can evolve quickly and cost effectively,
websites with Featurecreep!