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Fri May 28 10:56:20 BST 2004


Regardless of whether its a pixel font or not, Flash will anti-alias if the
font is not on pixel boundaries. Ensure that the text box and all parent
movie clips are on pixel boundaries. If it still blurs, use 'remove
transform' to get rid of any erroneous stretching that may have crept in.

Put the normal font anywhere you like and it will anti-alias. Publish as

You may run into problems if the containing movie clip is registered to the
centre, rather than the top left. If this is a problem, create an empty
first frame in the movie clip and add a square on pixel boundaries. Come
out of the movie clip then position it on pixel boundaries. go back ion and
remove the temporary frame.

Finally, always align the pixel font to the left. If its editable text and
the text ever scrolls it will still blur. There is no solution to this
(although I'm looking for one).


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> Probably a bit of a newb question but.....
> I have to different fonts in the same movie, one needs to be
> anti-aliased the other is a pixel font and doesnt. Both are being fed
> from an external file and are not standard fonts and as such are
> embedded in the movie.
> Is there any way that I can get the pixel font to not antialias whilst
> anti-aliasing the other? For that matter whats the best way to get the
> pixel font to not anti-alias full stop. So far every time I set the
> quality of the movie to low its does presuming this has
> something to do with the fact its being embedded in the movie?
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