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[_] Bitflux / lightweight x(ht)ml CMS suggestions ?

Neil Smith n.smith at
Tue May 18 10:42:04 BST 2004

Hi all - a while ago I asked about a ready-to-go CMS for a bunch I'm working
with (no budget so its gotta be relatively quick but *not* dirty like
phpNuke). We're still at the head-scratching stage right now.

I'm keeping an eye on Bitflux ( which
needs popoon. Mainly the usage would be for relatively inexperience authors,
so it would need to have enough well-formedness checking of edited documents
to avoid errors.

I'd also like to be able to provide native rss feeds and store content in
xhtml so I can keep the damn thing maintained into the future. There's no
possibility I want to consider nested table layouts or other junk code.

Current thoughts : phpNUke creates doggerel html, Twiki is well featured
(perhaps a little too well) just seems too heavyweight and using Smarty
seems to slow everything to a crawl.

So - Has anybody given Bitflux a dry run ? Seems they're implementing a
php-webdav class for some kind of drag & drop. Any other plusses?

Cheers - Neil

Neil Smith <MVP digital media>