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Kat kat at
Thu May 13 19:05:10 BST 2004


Last fall we had a few clients looking for ways to manage their sites
themselves. They'd found that the more reliable commercial/supported
products on the market were either too expensive for them or too
advanced for their current skills. So, we ended up building a collection
of tools to do the job. We bundled the most requested ones together and
for now we're calling it the Soundconcept Site Suite.

There's a bare-bones demo version of it at
- you can go in and play around with the tools. It allows users to cut
and paste text into a simple form and/or browse their HD for images to
upload. When a page is requested, the system (FreeBSD running Apache,
Perl, and PostgreSQL) drops the data into the appropriate templates for
a uniform look throughout the site.

The sites we have live with it so far all look very different, but the
back end functionality is the same. Samples include:
* (Sorry about the flash intro; it's aimed at
corporate execs, who seem to like that sort of thing.)
* (Thanks again for the tips on managing the
css rollover thing! Results are most visible in the commercial->for
sale->apartments section.)
* (apartment management company)

Currently, it includes tools for FAQs, articles, project portfolios,
photo albums, and a file upload/download area, all with categoriy
management. It also comes with bio and testimonials tools, and a user
management system.

I don't handle sales or pricing, but you could drop an email to wood
(at) (Brian, my boss) if you'd like an idea of pricing
or more information about what it can do. We've currently got clients
all around the US and in Canada so proximity isn't an issue.

kat at

aka christine at, Inc.

(sorry for the "marketing" pitch)
* The sites were tested in various combinations of OS and browser. Not
sure how they do in opera, but they worked decently everywhere but NS 4.7x

Sam McFadden wrote:

>I am investigating updating a site we made a long time ago and one of the
>key features it needs to have is that ......I want an admin-type person (ie
>basic computer skills) to be able to update parts of it themselves e.g. A
>news page. I am going to use css/xhtml but its this updateable element that
>I am undecided and unsure about.
>I can't buy in some kind of cms as there isn't the money. I thought about
>just explaining the xhtml to the updating person and letting them loose on
>that. I thought about using Flash and external xml files which would have
>been good (imho) except for the accessibility issues. I can't use
>xslt/jsp/xml either as this functionality doesn't exist on the server. I
>thought about Macromedia Contribute but have no experience with it.
>I am really interested to hear the range of solutions that [_]'s might think
>of so any ideas would be gratefully received. Many thanks :-)