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[_] Web Site Critique !

Chris Dawson chris at
Thu May 13 09:37:25 BST 2004

hi glynn,
my first thoughts....
the "add to shopping bag" links get a bit lost on the product pages (it
looks like every other link). i know you're trying to keep the design
understated and clean but the button that you WANT people to press should

this is even more of an issue when you go into the shopping bag. it took me
a while to locate the "purchase now" link. bottom right is the LAST place
the eye goes, and again the list doesn't stand out.

i think there may also be a wording issue. i've got very used to the wording
"proceed to checkout" from shopping carts. "purchase now" sounds good but
it's a *little* non-standard (especially when you consider that many online
stores use the wording "buy now" for the stage ABOVE this (i.e. on a product

i think the combination of slightly non-standard terms (even "shopping bag"
is unusual) with slightly camouflaged links could be the first hurdle.

the second hurdle is the order process. when i click "purchase now" i don't
get ANY confirmation of my order price. i'm just asked for my personal
details. this may scream "spam" (or at the very least i may think "this is
going to be several pages of details i need to enter, this will take too
long) and at this point people may be pitching out of the whole thing. can
you put an order summary on the first checkout screen? or combine the pages
into one?


chris dawson
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> From: "Glynn Hayward" <Glynn at>
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> Date: Thu, 13 May 2004 08:55:47 +0100
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> Subject: [_] Web Site Critique !
> Hi Guys
> I don't normally do this due to the amount of stick I'm letting myself in for,
> but if anyone has 5 mins could you have a look at this web site we've recently
> put live.
> Not so much from a technical point of view but a users point of view. The
> client is worried that no-one is buying the jewellery, they are putting it in
> the basket but not purchasing.
> The main reason i think it is is due to no delivery timescales,(no one knows
> when it will arrive) and no contact details, and also the the rings not
> stating a size ?
> The client thinks its not enough credit card logos plastered all over the site
> but I think the problem is a stage earlier than that ?
> Thanks _
> Glynn
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