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[_] ipod US / UK recharger question

stefan burt stefanburt at
Thu May 13 01:52:55 BST 2004

thanks for the advice!

I also got my housemate an ipod at the same time as mine, so maybe i'll
use him as a ginny pig ;-)

the "funky cradle" was in fact the ipod dock, i'm lazy at researching
correct technical names duh.


On 12 May 2004, at 12:00, underscore-request at wrote:

> I have a US ipod and I have the cradle they give you with it. I have
> just
> taken the english plug that you can buy here and swapped it with the
> two pin
> and it's fine. I'm not sure what the situation with the housemates
> funky
> cradle is but I suspect it won't get fried.