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[_] streaming video [PDAs]

Neil Smith n.smith at
Tue May 11 09:27:07 BST 2004

PDAs :

Uh, the biggest gripe** of people using windows mobile based PDAs for media
viewers is that there's no AVI support. Veo ( have camera
software which can play AVIs, it's what I usually recommend. Windows media
can't - sheesh - and real player not only can't but is even more crippled on
PDAs (can't play rtsp streams or smil files, which kinda makes it useless !)

No quicktime for PDAs tho there is mpg1 support with PocketTV, and most PDAs
can use the flash plugin in pocket IE so it's not out of the question to use
this format - anybody care to post a max 240x180 video (or scalable
equivalent) in flash for us to try on our mobile devices ?

Cheers - Neil

** They tend to be a whingeing lot anyway so it's a bit subjective ;-)

> > Given flash video isn't a good option for people without the
> > flash plugin, what would you suggest?
> Me, I'd use an AVI file. Even works on PDAs.
> --
> Iain