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Oliver Humpage oliver at
Thu May 6 21:18:53 BST 2004

On Thu, 6 May 2004, Lewis Miller wrote:

> Hi I have recently upgraded to broadband... (yipee!)
> The cable modem is connected to my eMac via ethernet.
> I still have my trusty (cough... cough) iMac which I want to resurrect.
> I want to join the 2 together so they share the connection.
> His and hers so to speak..... :-)
> iMac = OS 9.1
> eMac = OSX.3
> Any help gratefully received!
> I am hoping to do this without a hub... software?
> Or is a hub realistically the best option?

Router. Not a hub or a switch. A router. Since your connection only has
one IP address, both your computers can't use it at once. Either the eMac
has to do "connection sharing" (in which case it has to connect to the
iMac without using an ethernet cable), or you need a standalone router.

So, options:

* If the Macs are going to sit next to each other, then OS X on the iMac
and Firewire between them is a nice idea, if the iMac will take OS X.

* If the iMac's a long way from the eMac, popping an airport card in each
(or a Dlink USB dongle wifi thingy for the OS X machine, 'cos it's
cheaper) will again let you use the eMac's connection sharing.

* Get a separate router (about 50 quid, or 70 for a wireless one). Then
connect the computers to that, either with cable or over wireless.



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