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[_] Cycle to work Initiative

Tom Gidden gid at
Thu May 6 14:07:31 BST 2004

On 6 May 2004, at 1:25 pm, Oliver Humpage wrote:

> Why do people go to Halfords to buy bikes? I'm singularly unimpressed
> with
> the stock they have, almost like the Dell of the bike world. And you
> don't
> get the personal service and dedication like you do at the smaller
> shops.

I did point this out... the fact that we have a Halfords Bike Store
about 50 yards down the road from the office was a deciding point.
Also, both of them want very low-end bikes, that Halfords seem to be
competitive on.

> I got mine at that little shop just down from the Smiles brewery on
> Park
> Row, they customised a new bike to have the exact gears, tyres,
> everything
> that I wanted.

Mmmm.. I've had to replace all the kit on my new bike, thanks to
things like the bottom bracket axle being made out of metal with the
consistency of plasticene. In fact, that little shop on Park Row was
the only shop I could find with the right part.

On 6 May 2004, at 1:31 pm, Andy Gale wrote:

> There's a similar tax break system which applies to computer equipment
> which they do at intY. Whether you could get an iPod with it is
> debatable, but a new iBook becomes about £550 without National
> Insurance, Income Tax and VAT.

Well, strictly speaking it's still £680, but it's £550 out of your net
salary. Also brings the gross salary down a bit which is always handy.

> It's an official government scheme but I don't know enough about it to
> say if you're right or not.

Handy to know, since I thought it was a shady deal when I took it to
our (extremely conservative) finance director. I suppose that's why he
signed it off!

I'd do the iPod this way as well, but the US ones are better (due to
lack of volume limitation). *shrug*

Tom Gidden
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