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Jon Bennett flashcoder at
Wed May 5 14:15:50 BST 2004

On 5 May 2004, at 12:41, Matt Hamilton wrote:

> Jon Bennett wrote:
>> I'm just about to start building a recruitment site and I'm wondering
>> the what people's opinions are in regards to CV uploads. I've been
>> looking around and sites like let you upload a .doc of
>> your CV, rather than filling in a monsterous form online. My question
>> is how best to allow the agencies staff to view these .docs, is there
>> a viewer out there to view .doc's in the browser, or will my client
>> have to DL each CV they wish to look at (thus increasing load on the
>> server) ??
> Jon,
> We have built about eight recruitment sites (went through a bit of a
> 'phase' a few years ago). The main thing we found was not so much the
> uploading of the CVs, but what they are going to do with them
> afterwards. It was surprising how many recruitment agencies still
> wanted to just deal with index cards rather than an automated system.

To be honest, I don't think they are automated in any way particularly,
though I must check again, as last time they didn't.

> The ones that do have a system (such as Voyager) normally just do
> keyword matching on the body of the CVs. Ie. if we are looking for a
> python developer they will type in python and it will pull up a list
> of all candidates whose CVs mention 'python'.

this is something I'd like to have, though it isn't a spec requirement,
just something I'd like to add in for future purposes really.

> If you want to view the docs in the browser, then as Andy pointed out
> there are various technologies that can read word documents and
> convert them to something else. In reality I doubt this would reduce
> the load on the server (it would actually increase it as you need to
> convert the docs).

server load, yep, re-read what I'd written and realised it wouldn't
reduce it in any way!

> You could have the system store the CVs online and allow you to search
> through them for keywords and just display the ones that match. Just
> beware if you are storing the actual CVs online that you must not only
> keep it *very* secure (remember these are likely to be peoples home
> addresses, DoB, phone numbers in there) and also register with the
> Data Protection officer.

Again I'll have to check, but this company has been trading for ages,
so I can only assume that they are fully up together data protection
wise, what apart from a privacy policy should I be thinking about ??


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