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Tom Gidden gid at
Wed May 5 13:18:06 BST 2004

I had a lengthy discussion with a tech-savvy recruitment agent friend
of mine a while back on this topic. He told me that he was spending
about 50% of his working time cutting-and-pasting from Word docs into
an Oracle database. I came up with a sketch of an XML schema for CVs
and another for job specs, with the hope that a system for matching the
two would be easy to do.

In my last lump of job-hunting, I did my CV in XML and then emailed the
Word doc (from RTF), the XML and a plain-text copy to make the job
easier for recruiters.

I think there's a 'Resume' (ie. US-centric) DTD out there on
Sourceforge somewhere, too.

Tom Gidden
t: 07976 690 578