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[_] anyone used carbon copy cloner?

stefan burt stefanburt at
Wed Jun 23 11:03:00 BST 2004

X works so much better after a bath!!!

thanks to Oliver/Tim/Peter for the help!
clone or copy the whole shooting match and drop worked like a charm but
didn't keep the app's folder in the end tho but already back to 46 app
already :)

I can now have a real go at unix and getting MySQL running!



On 21 Jun 2004, at 16:51, Oliver Humpage wrote:

> on 21/6/04 3:51 pm, stefan burt at stefanburt at wrote:
>> no that sure helps the number of times i have re-installed and
>> forgotten to backup something up has happen twice too many times so
>> this advice makes the chances of that happening next to nil.
> Use CCC onto your other drive, then, and then copy back the bits you
> need
> (after backing up your fresh new clean system too, just in case you
> copy too
> much back!). It's a good util, will work fine. You can also set it to
> clone
> only certain folders, which you may find useful.
>> Another question I don't at present have a firewire ext drive but
>> would
>> turning an old basic IDE 30gb drive into one with a new enclosure and
>> cable be possible?
> It's possible to get an enclosure, but:
> 1. I always thought that any post-G3 Mac that supports 2 internal
> drives
> will support at least 3. Which model is it?
> 2. A new 80GB external drive is only going to be a 20-30 quid more
> than a
> chassis for your 30GB.
> Oliver.
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