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[_] Re: The Quest for the Rest

Ed Walker ed at
Tue Jun 22 15:24:00 BST 2004

> Convenience dear boy, convenience.
> I'm too lazy to buy the CD and besides which, all my music
> listening is done via my iPod of late.
> The original point was also that they've obviously fairly
> tech savvy on the promotion front, but I was wondering if
> that spread to decent
> mp3 distribution too.
> > How much would it cost form iTunes out of interest?
> 89p a track or around £9 an album if memory serves me, either
> way not enough of a difference to send me elsewhere.
> Jonathan Hadley

What a rip off... The meat heads at EMI will be laughing their asses off at

'Hey let's make it look like the artists are being fairly treated when
actually we are taking an even bigger share of the profit... A bigger margin
than on CD and an even bigger one than on Vinyl... Geez these people must be
fucking stupid...'

I imagine they are saying...