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[_] The Quest for the Rest

stefan burt stefanburt at
Tue Jun 22 11:19:37 BST 2004

Hey Richard :)

I haven't got that far as of yet I felt the pangs of guilt as it was
far too good for its own good I have a similar problem with my
playstation so much so that I have given all my games to my friends to
ween myself off them.

I am now starting to have the same problem with dreamweaver & CSS
layouts also [_] will the madness ever stop :)


On 22 Jun 2004, at 10:38, Richard Davey wrote:

> Yeah me too :) just got through to the end, I love the final track.
> It's a nice concept for a album release, made me listen to the music
> long enough to realise its my cup of tea totally and will definitely
> seek it out for purchase.