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[_] Just cos I know you will all want to see this...

Andrew Parkhouse create at
Mon Jun 21 16:31:32 BST 2004

> Technology has not caught up fully yet! Many users are still accessing
> the
> internet from modems (laptop users on the move) what about people who
> are
> not in broadband covered areas? These people are forced to wait while
> your
> flash animation loads. In the majority of cases Flash downloads are
> larger
> than a well scripted (X) HTML / CSS page (and I don't think that's a
> wild
> generalisation either).

<tin hat>

That's just bollocks frankly Dave. For a number of reasons well built
Flash can deliver at file sizes equal to or smaller than HTML + bitmap
images, but with an additional significant increase in overall quality
of experience. Reasons for this include: use of vector graphics rather
than bitmaps, ability to dynamically render & change text in code,
ability to send/receive data without requiring a page load.

Not only that, but the Flash will perform consistently (even allowing
for the odd bug in the plugin - rare but they exist) across browsers
and platforms without requiring browser or platform specific code
branching, which is a hell of a lot more commercially viable and
acceptable than working to the current myth of universal standards
compliance - which is chasing unicorns in my view (the fault being
with the browsers, not the standards).

</tin hat>



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